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We are a CGI studio that specializes in
creative imagery for Print, Video and Web.

We Make The Impossible, Possible.

We create rich media, motion graphics, animation that can be used or Video, Print, Web, Commercial, etc.

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What We Do


We deliver high-quality 3D modeling services. Simply send us the sketch, photo or even an actual unit of what you need. We can get the high-polygon model ready in a few days. All models are done using Maya.

Visual FX

We offer a wide range of visual FX services including color correction, compositing, green screen keying and various dynamic simulations. From conceptualization to production, we bring your story to life.


We create compelling motion graphics to engage your audience in a fun and fashional way. We do all sorts of logo animations, product tours, training & e-learning videos, tradeshow promos to artistic and experimental video projects.


Empowered with fully equipped design and animation studio, we are capable in providing 3D animation, storyboard, pre-visualization, illustration and allied services as per the specific demands and requirements of the clients. The complete project is executed with such a perfection that it brings real life experience to the clients.


Creative retouched is our specialty. We work with many ad agencies to create compelling visual elements that are used in various medium including print, web and video. We can help breakdown complex information into a visual engaging graphics. Whether you need your product to do a 360 spin or even a rocket flying out from your TV screen, we are here to help.

Augmented Reality

Impress your audience on your next marketing campaign using AR. We believe AR will be the next big thing and is here to stay. Many companies are now adapting to this technology from marketing and entertainment business to all sorts of engineering and manufacturing industry.

Product Prototyping

What comes first – the chicken or the egg? You have a great idea, but need to explain it to get a prototype or to attract investors? Or maybe you need to pull together promotional materials, but product is still coming off the production line or in transit to your warehouse. Deadlines can be stressful when you don’t have product in hand, but we have the solution! Turn to us for high-quality, photo-realistic, 3D model renderings.


Product Showcases/
Motion Graphics

Our talented team of digital graphic designers will help you tell your story with compelling product showcases, animated videos, logo animations, visual F/X and more. Our video commercial work brings products to life and is excellent for trade show demonstrations, website enhancements, YouTube placement, or marketing presentations.

Educational Tools

Attention spans are shorter with students demanding information at their fingertips and visually interesting presentations. We help you tap into the three senses of sight, sound and motion for teaching. Good visual design enables you to make complex information understandable and attractive. Students become more engaged and have a higher recall of materials. Whether in the classroom or online we can help you create memorable materials.



How do you deliver your key selling message to make an impact? Strong graphics complement the message and support higher recall. Originality beats stock imagery and gives you full ownership of your message and image.



Whether you’re working on commercial films, music videos, short or feature length films, we are here to help. Our expertise focuses on CG and animation from a typical product spinning in and out to a dynamic, complex water simulation. We team with both animators and programmers to create astounding visual F/X for your commercial needs.



Medical Illustration

If you’re looking for a unique visual representation that is detailed yet easy to understand, turn to us. We can help you with any 3D modeling, texture mapping and animation. Medical companies and professionals engage us to help them create their video presentation for industry conferences, support illustration needs for medical articles or white papers, provide graphics and layouts for print collateral, create attention-grabbing trade show graphics, and produce videos to explain complex medical issues, products or services.



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Product photo shoots can be expensive and time consuming. You need to plan well in advance to make sure you capture every angle and demonstrated use – meanwhile the clock is ticking. Sometimes you just don’t have everything ready that you need for the day of the shoot. Doing it digitally not only saves time and money, it should generate more ROI for your marketing dollars. Using the latest rendering technology and software including V-Ray, Mental Ray and Maxwell rendering engines, allows us to produce images with the photorealistic quality with flexibility for coloration as needed.

About Us

VisualizeThis™ offers digital creative solutions for print advertising, motion graphics, web videos and special effects, and mobile development. If you need really cool visual elements for your print ad, website or even a video project, we are up for the challenge. We use the latest software and technology to produce quality work quickly.

Tell us more about your project and we’ll get it done. To us, it’s not magic. It’s what we do.

VisualizeThis™ is part of PartnerPeople, LLC., a marketing agency based in Costa Mesa, CA. We are a full marketing agency who specializes in web development, digital media, video & motion Graphics, social media, mobile applications, augmented reality and more…


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